Sales & Marketing Director - Assoufid

Job Description

To develop and execute the marketing and sales activities of Assoufid projects and assure that activities are in sync with the project’s goals, revenue targets and budget forecasts. The Sales and Marketing Director will be responsible to recruit and manage a team experienced in international property sales.

Skill Requirements

  • Post Graduate Degree in Management or Sales and Marketing .
  • Minimum 10 years of experience in marketing and selling local and international real estate.
  • Strong English, French amd Arabic language skills (written and spoken).


  • Works closely with the Executive Director and CSMO to set the business direction for sales and marketing functions of the project in alignment with overall objectives, allocated budgets, sales policies, risk guidelines and other parameters finalised by URC Management team •
  • Identifies segments and potential customers, sets communication and sales objectives, and monitors the same.
  • Manages the sales and marketing activities and ensures focused coverage of research across sectors.
  • Coordinate with development department in the project and translate the engineering information to marketing data.
  • Forecasts department budgets in conjunction with the organizational budget and secures subsequent approval, tracks expenses, and ensures adherence.
  • Manages the performance of the Sales and Marketing activities by evaluating the performance of team members, provides feedback on an ongoing basis, identifies development needs and coaches them to ensure ongoing capability development.
  • Reviews assignment of staff to Cross Functional Teams (CFT) and, if necessary, revises accordingly.
  • Conceptualises a business plan, marketing and sales strategy for the market that ensures attainment of company sales goals and profitability.
  • Draws up the strategy of the sales department and establishes the go‐to‐market plan and coordinates the pace and scope of execution.
  • Understands the industry, garners market knowledge, deciphers trends, improves sales and negotiating techniques and enables in pricing strategies for current and future projects.
  • Understands branded residence and mixed-use development projects sales and marketing requirements.
  • Oversees the Sales and Marketing department and closely coordinate with the CSMO on the strategy and day to day activities.
  • Develop and create a plan to acquire a network of brokers and assist the CSMO in realizing the plan according to the project objective.
  • Identifies and develops strategic partnerships and commercial tie-ups with agencies, commercial retailers, and other potential large clients .
  • Analise the sales figures and work on corrective action when there is underperformance.
  • Manage advertising and marketing agencies and make sure that they are working according to the approved plan.
  • Analyses market conditions and trends, competitive pricing and product in order to make recommendations for adjusting market rents, renewal rates and outright sales pricing.
  • Presents to CSMO the sales numbers, revenue targets, budget forecasts and future trends and makes recommendations on sales campaigns.
  • Ensures quality control of all sales output pertaining to customer acquisition and service delivery.
  • Assist the CSMO in phasing out the sales of the project.
  • Other key responsibilities pertaining to the sales and marketing activities.

Job Summary

  • Job Title Sales & Marketing Director - Assoufid
  • Location Morocco - Assoufid
  • Function Sales
  • Qualification Masters
  • Date Posted 01-06-2022
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