URC: A Remarkable Year of Effective Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development

May 30 , 2023

Kuwait City by URC | Press Release

Over the years, United Real Estate Company (URC), the real estate arm of KIPCO Group and a leading real estate developer in Kuwait and the MENA region, has made corporate social responsibility a core aspect of its operations, aiming to become an active and engaging partner in the development of Kuwait. Accordingly, the company has implemented numerous initiatives and projects to contribute to the development of social sectors in Kuwait, such as education, healthcare, women empowerment, environmental conservation, and health awareness among different segments of society.

Undoubtedly, corporate social responsibility for companies in the private sector in Kuwait has recently gained significant importance as a mean to enhance their sustainability. URC recognizes the importance of its role towards the nation and the community it operates in, alongside its own development. It is committed to dedicating its resources to support environmental, healthcare, educational, and other community contributions.

Mazen Issam Hawwa

Mr. Mazen Hawwa, URC Vice-Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer, said: “Corporate social responsibility has always been an integral part of URC’s strategy, ensuring alignment with the company's core values. As such, we initiate social initiatives and establish strategic partnerships with institutions that share the same philosophy and commitment to responsible practices that benefit the community at large.”

Mr. Hawwa further added: “We constantly strive to provide our employees with a work environment that enables them to thrive and feel valued, respected, and embraced. We do this by providing them with resources that enhance their expertise and skills, while supporting their voluntary efforts in the community.”

From his side, Mr. Nasser Al Qallaf, Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Communications at URC, said: “Dealing with the community's aspirations, meeting its needs, and serving its interests are fundamental aspects of the company's approach. Furthermore, the company has succeeded in elevating the concept of social responsibility to a new level that is more innovative and sustainable in order to serve and develop social and institutional initiatives.”

“The company's corporate social responsibility program stood out with diverse and comprehensive initiatives and contributions throughout 2022. The company's social efforts resulted in the launch of numerous events and activities at various levels” Mr. Al Qallaf added.

Supporting Students and Graduates

As part of its social responsibility and its keenness to support students and youth and to honor the achievers, URC has participated in the graduation seminars of the students at the American University of Kuwait. Also, URC fostered the graduation projects of Kuwait University students – College of Architecture through site visits covering an array of topics including Hessah District project development concept; impact on construction; masterplan; components; building materials, finishes and how they were selected; and sustainability. As a conclusion to this activity, the students developed their term project around a boutique hospitality concept for final judging by a committee of KU instructors and URC’s engineers.

Moreover, URC has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the American University of Kuwait and the Australian University in Kuwait aiming to establish cooperation and execution of joint programs such as holding training workshops, providing academic and research expertise, internal internships, and organizing social and educational activities and events to serve students, and many other aspects of cooperation.

Further, URC hosted a group of United American School students at KIPCO Tower, one of the most iconic landmarks in Kuwait City. The field trip included a tour in the tower, which gave the photography class students an opportunity to explore the design of the building and its floors, in addition to visiting the company’s offices and helipad.

Nasser Al Qallaf

A Sustainable Housing Infrastructure

URC has contributed to supporting the local economy by developing various economic sectors, enhancing housing projects, and innovating modern housing solutions that contribute to the creation of a sustainable housing development structure in the country.

URC participated as a platinum sponsor in the third Consulting Services for the Development Plan Forum (ENCON3). The event was held under the patronage of His Excellency Mr. Abzulaziz Waled Abdullah Al-Mujel, Minister of State for Municipal Affairs, and organized by the Kuwaiti Federation of Engineering Offices and Consultant Houses (KFEOCH). The theme was: “Completion of Permits Portal and Addressing Challenges of Construction & Housing Plans.”

The company also announced its gold sponsorship of the Kuwait Business Law Forum, organized by Al-Yaqout and Al-Fouzan Legal Group, which included panel discussions on public-private partnership projects as a means of sustainable development.

Youth and Sports

The youth occupied a major part of URC’s interest in 2022. The company launched several qualitative initiatives and distinguished activities to fulfill youth aspirations and interests. URC was the main sponsor of the “GIG Battle” sports tournament 2022, held from 2 to 3 December at Green Island. Battle of the East (B0E) is the most recognized and respected event of its kind in the Middle East and Asia. The battle takes place in Kuwait annually and draws athletes from all over the MENA, as well as international athletes from Europe and the USA.

This year, GIG Battle attracted more than 2,500 local and international athletes. Further, URC hosted an array of fitness challenges in its booth during the event, in which visitors of all ages participated for a chance to win a title. URC also collaborated with Flare Fitness to sponsor the 7th ‘Flare Festival’ which was held at the Marina Crescent from November 3rd till the 5th. The fitness event is one of the largest of its kind in Kuwait and falls in line with some of the key objectives under URC’s corporate social responsibility framework.

The marathon 10th annual event was held on 29 October 2022 at the Marina Crescent, where URC was present as one of the main sponsors of the marathon that is dedicated towards supporting children with special needs.

As part of the World Diabetes Awareness campaign, URC in collaboration with Al Salam International Hospital conducted a workshop for its employees in support of raising awareness against diabetes. The workshop comes as part of URC’s wellbeing program that aims to improve employees’ health and lifestyle, provide them with screening, as well as inform them about ways to lower the risk of having diabetes.

URC has also organized an integrated awareness campaign on breast cancer during the month of October titled “Be Aware” in Marina mall in collaboration with various health entities to encourage people to take care of their health.

Women Empowerment Advocacy

URC announced its partnership with UN (@unitednations) to promote Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) which aims to promote the adoption of real and sustainable policies on various topics related to recruitment, retention, and leadership and complements the vision of URC to promote gender-equal work environment.

On August 26 which marks Women's Equality Day, URC celebrated this important occasion to salute all the inspiring women that are part of URC’s family and show solidarity towards women. It is worth mentioning that 32% of URC’s employees is made of women.

URC also illuminated Hessah Towers in orange in solidarity with the global initiative ‘Orange the World Day’ to raise more awareness about the importance of living in a society free of violence aimed at creating an inclusive culture based on trust, respect, and equality.

The "Orange the World" campaign, also known as "International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women" was established in 1999 by the United Nations, and it started on November 25 for a period of 16 days and continued until December 10, 2022. The color orange was chosen by UN Women to symbolize a bright future free of violence against women.

URC Continued Supporting KFA “Women’s Futsal League” for the second year in a row as the Official title sponsor of the 2021/2022 season, in which more than 150 female athletes from six football clubs competed in 35 matches. Women’s Futsal League is part of KFA | Women’s Committee strategy to make local sports more inclusive for female athletes to compete at both regional and international levels.

As a Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) signatory and partner, URC is committed always to provide support towards women and youth empowerment in the community in addition to an inclusive work environment underpinned by equal opportunity to all genders.

Persons with Special Needs

URC is committed to maintaining its position as part of Kuwait’s integral social fabric and perceives such gestures as a moral obligation, offering support to these young patients. In 2022, URC has announced its collaboration with Kuwait Association for the Care of Children in Hospital & Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospice (KACCH & BACCH) which aims to draw a smile on the children’s faces through distributing gifts and toys to children’s playrooms in various hospitals across Kuwait.

URC announced its participation as the main sponsor in the annual fundraising marathon ‘RunKuwait’, organized by the Fawzia Sultan Healthcare Network (FSHN), a leading nonprofit healthcare organization in Kuwait that provides high-quality care across a number of clinical specialties.

Rashid Al Issa


Human Capital Development

Chief Human Resources Officer, Mr. Rashid Al Issa said that URC has achieved several milestones in human resources during 2022. URC attaches great importance to Human Resources by raising employee performance through best training and development policies, in addition to implementing digitalization strategy and recruiting national talents and competencies, empowering them to enhance their experiences, refine their skills and enrich their knowledge to achieve professional success and career development.

URC conducted a Sales Training Program to the Sales and Leasing teams. The program was a mix of theoretical as well as practical exercises to help the participants gain knowledge of selling fundamentals that are the backbone of every sales process. The program will help the teams gain insights and apply best practices for dealing with all types of customers for their future sales activities from prospecting to closing and beyond.

Mr. Al Issa said: “The company is committed to providing its employees with the necessary tools and resources to maintain their pace of progress, ensuring they keep up with the rapid market trends. As a result, URC has developed a human capital management system to enhance employee performance in line with the company's objectives. Additionally, the company has partnered with the LinkedIn Learning to grant employees easy access to specialized courses for skill development and professional training.”

On the other hand, Mr. Al Issa emphasized the importance of continuous and effective communication between the company and its employees, and creating strong bonds that enhance their commitment to the company and improve their performance. Therefore, URC seeks to build new ways for dialogue and communication with them by organizing various special events that bring them together.